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September 27, 2013     Post-Gazette
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September 27, 2013

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Page 14 POST-GAZETTE, SEPTEMBER 27, 2013 NEWS BRIEFS (FRO00 rrAUAN NEWSPAPERS AND CORRUPTION AND BUREAUCRACY: ITALY'S MAJOR ILLS! It's a dismal record that the Trade Confederation has acknowledged Italy is the worse of the 27 countries of the European Union, and of several other European countries. On the international scene Italy has reached the highest level of inefficiency in the, no surprise there, judicial sys- tem especially in the year 2010, the last year of Berlusconi's administration. It's hard to find another European country with highly-corrupted bureaucracy, as in Italy, save, per- haps, Slovakia and Greece. As by the data provided by the World Economic Forum and by the World Bank, over the last ten years, the waiting time for a final sentence in a bankruptcy case has doubled, from one year to two years. Any comparison with other countries is very disappoint- ing. Italy rates last in the overall quality of the infrastruc- tures. Even education scores low particularly at the sec- ondary level. Fortunately, something gets a passing grade: Health. The persisting economic crisis coupled with a political stagnation, following the recent February elections, have forced many families to shop 'smart', to eat better, and to experience better wellness and a healthier status. Things may change, but only if there is a political break- through and a much desired Government stability. BALANCED DIET = HEALTHY LIVING! We are constantly reminded that it is essential to consume vegetables and fruit daily, as well as fish as a source of Omega-3 oil. We are also reminded that not all vegetables are equal in pro- viding minerals and vitamins our body needs. Research- ers have recently discovered that the iceberg lettuce lacks vitamins, as opposed to the Romaine lettuce which is rich in potassium, fiber and vitamins A and C. A cucumber has been indicated in a diet as a good source of iron, calcium, iodine, potassium, manganese and vitamins C and B. Regretfully a whole cucumber contains only 5% of the daily requirements of the elements described above, but only about only 16 calories. In short, while it is good to consume vegetables it is important to select the most essential items that our bodies need, A NEW DISCOVERY: A NEW PROTEIN THAT STOPS THE INFLUENZA VIRUS! A protein obtained in a lab called E.P67, used to make stronger the use of vaccines, has been found to be an effective tool to stop the flu virus, just before it strikes. It must be used about two hours before in order to activate the body's defense mechanism (immune system) to stop the insurgence of the virus, hopefully any kind of flu virus, before it causes havoc among entire populations. The discovery occurred at the San Diego University as recently detailed in a magazine, the Plosone. The researchers hope that this molecule, E.P67, could be effec- tive not only against any kind of virus causing the flu but also against epidemics caused by microorganisms still unknown. We also learn that researchers at the British Institute for Cancer Research at the University of Leeds (U.K.) have discovered that the flu virus has been capable of killing the tumor, eliciting a strong response from the immune system. The study was conducted on ten patients who all had advanced cancer pathology in the intestine. The study was published on the magazine Science Transla- tional Medicine. New Exhibit (Continued from Page 3) can Experience production) uses a combination of film- noir drama and present-day documentary footage to tell the true tale of one of the most notorious American crimes of the 19 th century. Grappling with frustrating gaps in the historical record, Schama assumes the role of a time-travelling detective who takes an unusual step for an historian and imag- ines how certain scenes and encounters might have played out. On Sale Now.* THE NORTH END Where It All Began The Way It Was by Fred Langone SALE PRICE $19.95 Plus Shipping & Handling On Site at The Post-Gazette 5 Prince Street, North End, Boston, MA News Briefs (Continued from Page I) sides in a civil war with radi- cal Islamists who are our sworn enemies? What is going on here? Did You Know? Almost no one knows when C.S. Lewis died. Do you know? Probably not, since he died on November 22, 1963, the same day as the assassination of President Kennedy in Dallas, Texas. This fall on the 50 th anniver- sary of his death, Lewis will join some of England's great- est writers when a memorial honoring him will be placed in the Poet's Corner of West- minster Abbey in London. The Fort Hood Verdict There was a great little letter in the Wall Street Jour- nal not long ago from a Joseph Famme, U.S. NAVY, Retired on the guilty verdict of Major Nidal Hassan's mur- derous act at Fort Hood. As Famme wrote, "The tragedy that needs to be corrected is the failure of the government to declare Nidal Hassan's act of self-proclaimed jihad to be just that ... Hassan's personal premeditated jihad must be officially recognized by the Department of De- fense and the president." The victims and their fami- lies should be recognized as the victims of terrorism. Those killed and injured should be awarded Purple Hearts and they and their families should receive the' family and medical benefits needed in the aftermath of that act of terror. Nightmare Field of Dreams President Jimmy Carter once called housing a right which led to the Community Preservation Act and the Housing Meltdown as people who should never have received mortgages lost their homes. Then, President Obama called health insur- ance a right. Look at what has happened in America since the Bicentennial back in 1976. I can now get all sorts of government benefits, food stamps, housing, health- care. In California they can now get drivers licenses too. Happy Birthdays to Actor Robert De Niro turned 70 on August 17 th and Julio Iglesias turned the big Seven-0 on September 23 rd. Down in Virginia There is a heated Gover- nor's Race down in Virginia as liberals are trying to get the former Democratic National Chairman Terry McAuliffe elected as gover- nor over a great conservative Republic and outgoing Attor- ney General Ken Cuccinelli. I will be rooting for Cuccinelli. Next Republi- cans down there will also get a good shot at the retiring U.S. Sen. Jay Rockefeller's seat as he is retiring after far too many years in office. Quote to Note "I want to be thoroughly used up When I die, for the harder I work the more I live. I rejoice in life for its own sake. Life is no 'brief candle' for me. It is a sort of splendid torch which I have got hold of for the moment, and I want to make it burn as brightly as possible before handing it on to the future generations." -- G.B. Shaw Starbucks Getting Too Liberal on Gun Issue 9/27 Starbucks has decided that their shops nationwide are gun free zones. They can't ban law abiding citi- zens who carry firearms legally from entering any Starbucks from buying a caf latte but they are en- couraging gun owners to leave their guns outside all Starbucks shops. How do Starbucks employees know who is or isn't carry- ing a concealed weapon? This is useless liberal jargon trying to tear down the sec- ond amendment. However, there actually is a ban in effect because you know any Starbucks employee having a concealed weapons license better not get caught with a legal gun behind the counter. I think the best way to respond to this silly Star- bucks policy is to boycott Starbucks for Dunkin' Do- nuts, Honeydew, Doughboy and Kane's. They can serve who they wish but you have a right to shop where you wish too for your cup of coffee in the morning. Editorial (Continued from "Like what?" "Bills. We're going to stop paying our bills." "What do you mean?" "What I said. See this MasterCard bill here? We throw it away. Ignore it. That's $500 saved right there." "You can't do that. We've already spent that money. We owe it." "Just because you owe it doesn't mean you have to pay it." "Where did you hear that?" "Congress. That's your problem -- you're not in- formed. The Republican tea party people are refusing to raise the debt ceiling and the government isn't going to be able to pay its bills. If Congress can do it, why can't I? Anyway, who told Master- Card to lend us the money in the first place? It made a bad loan. It should pay the price." "But it will ruin our credit rating." "Credit ratings are over- rated. My head's made up. We have to think of the future." "I am thinking of the future. It's got bars on it." "You're always so negative." "Mother always said you were a flake. I should have listened to her and married Leroy. He had a good job in his uncle's funeral home." "What's good enough for Congress is good enough for me." Mona asked me what she should do. I told her. A week later she called back with the rest of the story. She had Harry committed to the Rush Limbaugh Home for the Conservative and Bewildered where he's been Page 3) elected vice-president of a deadbeat support group. He sits there all day writing abu- sive emails to his Congress- man, she said. He seems happy. She's on welfare and their son has quit school and is working at a carwash. Which is pretty much the kind of future that awaits most of us if the tea-party- ing lamebrains in Congress have their way with us on the debt limit. How can stiffing your creditors be a good idea? I mean, you can be for a smaller government or a big- ger one but you have to pay your bills. The idea, I suppose, is that the consequences of not raising the ceiling are so dire that President Barack Obama and the rest of the Democrats will be forced to cave in (again) and give the Republicans what they want -- namely the delay and/or death of an expansion of the nation's health insurance options. Well, given Obama's per- formance so far, they have a right to hope. But he has said he will not negotiate the matter with them. I don't see how he can back away from that stance. If he lets the Republicans push him around on this is- sue one more time, he might as well move to Hawaii and govern by email for the next three years. Either that or declare the presidency vacant -- which some people think has already been done. Stay tuned. (Reprinted from Otherwords)