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October 9, 2015     Post-Gazette
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October 9, 2015

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Page 12 POST-GAZETTE, OCTOBER 9, 2015 R; y Barton's Sing-alongs, after a federal judge ruled that the song "Happy Birthday to You" is no longer protected by a 1935 copyright. A California pub- fishing company has raked in $2 million a year enforcing that copyright. A taste of his own medicine, after Donald Trump's #Ask- Donald Twitter feed was over- whelmed by thousands of nega- tive comments about his comb- over and orange skin, as well as such questions as "When you deport all immigrants, where will your (Slovenian) wife be going?." Working out! After the city planning board in exclusive Nantucket, MA, approved the construction of a new high-end fitness club that requires a $120,000 initiation fee to j oin. Arachnophobi~ After an Indi- ana woman backing out of her driveway jumped out of the mov- ing car when she saw a crawl- ing spider on her shoulder, sending the car crashing into oncoming traffic. "I don't think we can charge her with reckless driving," said the local sheriff, "because she wasn't in control of the vehicle." Doritos' launch of a limited edition "rainbow" chips as part of a campaign to combat sui- cides among LGBT teens has sparked a backlash. Critics de- clared a boycott of all Doritos, while conservative pundit Ed Siracker called the chips a "gate- way snack" designed to entice children into becoming gay. "What business does (Doritos owner) PepsiCo have pushing homosexuality on our kids?" Stracker asked. Wow! A Chinese man spent a night perched on a narrow ledge seven stories up after his lover's husband came home early. Po- lice said that when the husband came through the door, his love rival clambered out the window and jumped to an adjacent ledge where he hid between two air- conditioning units. The man had been drinking, said a firefighter, which "gave him the courage to jump" to the ledge. When the husband left for work the next morning, the now sober man realized it was too dangerous to get back to the window, so his lover called the fire service to rescue him. Read carefuUyIThe gap in life expectancy between the rich and the poor is growing. An up- per- income, 50-year-old man is now expected to live until 89. A lower-income man of that age has a life expectancy of 76. For women, the corresponding life expectancies are 92 and 78. Hot stuff! The planet has just set three major heat records: the hottest August on record, the hottest June to August period on record, and the hottest year to date. Each record was bro- ken by at least 0.18 degrees Fahrenheit, according to a re- port from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administra- tion. The year 2015 will "almost certainly" be the hottest year on record, NOAA said. Reminder! The only person who's constantly wrong and still keeps his job is the weatherman. Under President Obama, women and minorities were ap- pointed to 53.5 percent of key policy positions in the federal government. George W. Bush put women and minorities in 25.6 percent of the positions. From a recent poU: 45% of U.S. Catholics attend Mass at least once a week. 19% attend monthly, and 35% say they at- tend less often or never. Well, the Catholic churches always draw the largest crowds on Palm Sunday, Easter and Christmas. Some will refer to them as PECs. Gee, 42% of Democratic pri- mary voters back Hillary Clinton, up from 37% earlier this month. 24% back Bernie Sanders and 22% back Joe Biden. Believe it was the brainy Kyle Waters of Boston College who once told me, in America today there is a surplus of food, a sur- plus of manufactured goods, and a surplus of people who think they know how to run the government. Giuseppina, cosce storte, thinks all politicians fear high unemployment-- they fear they may be next. Proprio Stronzo says, "One thing about politicians -- it's nice to know they can't all be elected." Be aware, 52% of Republicans who watched the second GaP debate said that Carly Fiorina was the winner. Marco Rubio came in second with 14%. 31% thought Donald Trump did the worst of any candidate. Healthy stuffl An influential task force of medical experts has sparked controversy by recom- mending that adults over 50 take a daffy low-dose aspirin to prevent both heart attacks and colorectal cancer. The U.S. Pre- ventive Services Task Force, appointed by the Federal De- partment of Health and Human Services, said its extensive re- view of data found that adults who are at increased risk of car- diovascular disease could ben- efit from daffy aspirin use, even ff they have not had previous heart problems. One study found a 22 percent reduction in heart attacks. A daffy low-dose aspirin taken over 10 years also lowers the risk of colon cancer by up to 40 percent, the panel said. Many doctors, however, oppose daffy aspirin for people with no prior history of heart disease on the grounds that the drug's anti-clotting effect can cause bleeding in the stomach, intestines, and brain, and pos- sibly lead to strokes. But the task force, whose recommenda- tion will have strong influence in the medical community, said the benefits of low-dose aspirin outweigh the risks, especially for people in their 50s with signs of heart disease or a history of heart attacks. Dr. Douglas Owens, a task force member, says, "If you're a person trying to decide whether to take aspi- rin, you'd want to be aware of all the potential benefits and the potential harms." This just in/Olive oil lowers breast cancer. Following a Medi- terranean diet rich in fruits and vegetables, fish, whole grains, and olive oil has been shown to protect against heart disease, stroke, and cognitive decline. New research suggests a version of this diet supplemented with I 0 0 0 even more extra-virgin olive oil could also dramatically reduce women's risk for breast cancer. We like chocolate! Well, let it be known, the Swiss eat more chocolate than any other nation- ality: 26 pounds per year per capita. Italian-American who set records in baseball "The Yankee Clipper," Joseph Paul DiMaggio, the son of Sicilian immigrants in California, had a 56-game hitting streak in 1941, which still stands as the long- est in baseball history. DiMaggio died March 8 1999. There's no business like show business. And so we do some reminiscing with the stately musicologist Al Natale. And from the mouth of Bette Davisl "I watched Barbara Stanwyck in The 7horn Birds. Augh! It was painful! I should have played the part! She was supposed to be a passionate older woman in love with this beautiful young priest. She and Richard Chamberlain were completely miscast. He was just sexless, and Stanwyck had no fire or passion, not for a man in or out of the cloth. They made it into a farce." When Columbus landed here with his crew, the Native Ameri- can behind the trees heard him speaking to the crew. A Native American then shouted to his guys, ~I'here goes the neighborhood!" AMERICA IS A BEAUTIFUL ITALIAN NAME COPYRIGHT, ALL RIGHTS RESERVED LENTIL SOUP 2 cup lentils 6 cups of water I medium onion chopped 1 I/2 cups chopped carrots 1 I/2 cups diced celery (optional) I clove garlic (optional)* 2 tablespoons canola oil or olive oil I cup small shells or elbow macaroni Wash lentils. Combine first five ingredients in a two-quart sauce- pan. Add chopped carrots and diced celery (optional). Bring to a boil. Cover and reduce heat to prevent boiling over. Stir frequently. Add more liquid as needed. Salt to taste. Oil is added just before lentils are fully cooked. Cooking time about 40 minutes. *For a different flavor, add one clove of chopped garlic to lentils while cooking. Follow directions on package to cook pasta of choice. Add lentils to cooked pasta and serve. Lentil soup freezes well. Serves two. NOTE: My love for Lentil Soup came early in life. Whether Mama added carrots and onions or not, I waited for the Ditalini pasta to be served with the lentils. Sor~etimes, Mama preferred to serve the small elbow pasta with this soup. At times she served us the lentils with thin spaghetti that she cut up into one-inch pieces before cooking. Now l find myself also varying the pasta for this meal. David and Paul Gemelli and the GEM Team want to wish the entire Italian/American community and all our friends a HAPPY COLUMBUS DAY! GEM GRAVURE COMPANY, INC. 112 School Street, P.O. Box 1 t58, West Hanover, MA 02339 Tel: 781.878-0456, Email: Happy Columbus Day Fully Insured Lic #017936 Happy Columbus Day Heating & Air Conditioning Sales, Service & Installation SO/'/, Ken Shallow 617.593.6211 kensk]s @ Italian Specialties Expert Catering SAUGUS Store and Corporate Office 190 Main Street Saugus. MA 781-231-9599 Fax781-231-9699 BOSTON I~fEST END 75 Blossom Court, Boston. MA 617-227-614{ Fax617-227-6201 SOUTH BOSTON I Park Lane, Boston (Seaport District). MA 857-366-4640 Fax 857-36(>4648 Happy columbus Day GENNARO'S NorthSsquare RISTORANTE FINE ITALJAN DINING 5 NORTH SQUARE BOSTON'S NORTH END Tel: 617-720-1050 www. Under the new management of Gennaro who also brings you Caff6 Vittoria and Florentine Care 30 J-Iappy Columbus Day MICHAEL F. NOBILE, CPCU ALBANO F. PONTE, CEP Financial and Estate Planning Email afponte Phone 617-320-0022 ROSE GIAMMARCO, AAI Accredited Advisor in Insurance BOSTON Prince St., Boston, MA 02113 617-523-6766 FAX: 617-523-0078 MEDFORD 39 Salem St., Medford, MA 781-395-4200 FAX: 781-391-8493 02155