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October 11, 2013     Post-Gazette
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October 11, 2013

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*****AUTO**MIXED ADC 07099 PAUL JEFFKO SMALL TOWN PAPERS, 1NC- 217 WCOTA ST) /t SHELTON WA 98584-2263 61 14 # T THE ITALIAN-AMERICAN VOICE OF MASSACHUSETTS t t ETT hJ (Formerly LA GAZZETTA del MASSACHUSETTS) VOL. 117 - NO. 41 BOSTON, MASSACHUSETTS, OCTOBER 11, 2013 $.30 A COPY f HAPPY LUMBUS DAY OCTOBER 12, 2013 (Observed October 14, 2013) America -- Land of Dreamers The year was 1492. A young man from Genoa, Italy, Cristoforo Colombo, was convinced a route to the Far East could be found by sailing West and he wanted  ehan to prove .it. Many thought he was a dreamer. Luckily he was able to per- suade others and turned his dream into a reality. In the years that followed, America became a melting pot for people who, like Columbus, had a dream and were willing to take a chance on what they believed in. The English, the French, the Jews, the Irish, the Italians and countless others, all came seeking the freedom to make their own decisions and to have the opportunity to make their dreams a reality. They wanted the best of both worlds and got it. These people were proud to call themselves Americans and equally proud to hold on to the traditions of their homeland. Where else but in America would this be possible? Five hundred and twenty years later, we salute the man who took a chance -- Christopher Columbus. A man who was a model for future explorers to emulate. We are the product of all the Christopher Columbuses that came before us. We are Americans -- the envy of other nations -- where opportunities are boundless for every person. Some call America, the "Land of Dreamers." We're not offended by this. Instead, we're proud to be able to dream and, like Columbus, make our dreams come true! News B Obamacrats About Government Control The battle being played out in Washington over funding for Obamacare overlooks the real battle taking place in the Nation's Capital by Obamacrats pushing Obamacare at all costs to the struggling lower middle and middle classes that will be hard hit by this so-called affordable health reform. The real agenda being pushed by liberal Democrats and their lackeys in the mainstream media is to bring single-payer health insurance ' to America. After all, we see how well it is work- in Canada and overseas in Britain. ing up Obamacare is not about health care reform, it is about control by government over every aspect of our daily lives. (Continued on Page 6) : ii: /  /- [ii iiii i!  ITALIAN POLITICS: MORE DRAMA... WITH A TWIST! by Stefano Salimbeni Just when you thought Italy's entire political (and economic) system was about to implode ... think again! Berlusconi changes his mind at the last minute and decides to vote in favor of the survival of the Letta government, surprising his party's parliament members who had, against his will and party orders, already decided to do so, and mak- ing the remaining ones, who instead publicly sup- ported Berlusconi's original decision to pull the plug until the very last minute, look like total fools. Of course by doing so he ultimately saved the day, ensuring the survival of the Letta "grand coalition" government, while trying to save the unity of his own paxty -- even though his hail Mary pass is unlikely to be caught by someone in the end zone. In fact his party had already split be- fore last Wednesday's confi- dence vote, when a majority of its leaders, including many ministers and mem- bers of parliament, openly rebelled to the leader's will -- an unprecedented event in the 20-year long history of PDL (People of Liberty) the party Berlusconi founded from scratch in 1993, with the original name of "Forza Italia" (a slogan borrowed from a soccer cheer) after a wave of scandals and arrests had created a huge vacuum in the Italian center-right. During the party's two decades life span, during which it incorporated major right wing forces, such as AN (National Alliance), and formed government alli- ances with others, such as separatist Lega Nord (North- ern League), there have been many defections, even from authoritative names (right wing and centrist leaders Gianfranco Fini and Pierferdinando Casini come to mind). Yet they all (promptly "punished" politi- cally by Berlusconi) came from external allies. This time the revolt came from within: the most vocal opposers of his decision of causing the fall of the Letta government were Fabrizio Cicchitto (a former social- ist who has been one of Berlusconi's right arms since day one) and PDL secretary as well as cur- rent Minister of the Interior Angelino Alfano (politically born and bred under Berlsuconi's wing to the point of being ce,ered his "dauphine"). It was not only the quality but also the entity of the "re- volt" to induce Senator Berlusconi's last minute change of heart: his attempt of lifting the table and scat- ter the cards once again, came as a last desperate move to buy time before being expelled from parlia- ment and banned from public Office for the next 3 to 5 years as a consequence of a conviction for tax fraud, declared as definitive by the Cassation Court (Italy's second degree of appeal), two months ago. No matter how hard he and his army of star lawyers and political colonels tried, the sentence (which also involved a year of house arrest or of social service work) was on its way to beIng implemented. It was only a matter of time. So the number one protagonist of Italian politics for the past two decades tried the last blackmailing weapon he had against the government which was about to vote on his expulsion: have all the 200 plus members of parliament belonging to his part resign at once so that the government would fall f or lack of a supporting par- liamentary majority. For clarity's sake it must be said that the govern- ment he tried to hijack was exactly the same govern- ment he strongly contrib- uted to form when, after the stalemate created by the outcome of last February's elections, the president of the Republic (re-elected-for lack of a different shared choice) pushed for -- and obtained under the threat of resigning from Office once- and for all and leaving Italy in a complete irremediable chaos -- a grand coalition made up of the strangest bedfellows ever (PD and PDL, respectively Italy's main center-left and center-right party). At the time Berlusconi was probably pretty sure he would be acquitted; just like two weeks ago he was probably pretty sure his party -- that never really had any internal democracy -- would follow his orders without blinking. He was wrong both times. His pre- text to pull the plug on the government (a couple of tax hikes he ran against during the electoral campaign) was too weak, even for the majority of his most loyal supporters. As a result of his miscal- culations, Italy is now finally -- and hopefully -- on the way to a period of relative government stability, during which the strange bed- fellows should, without fur- ther distractions, proceed to give birth to the desperately needed economic institu- tional and electoral reforms they were sent there for. The PDL is on its way to a major internal debate/re- shuffling and he, Berlusconi, should be on his way out of politics ... unless, like in every drama worthy of its name, there is (let us hope not) another twist. 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