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October 17, 2014     Post-Gazette
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October 17, 2014

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Page 12 POST-GAZETTE, OCTOBER 17, 2014 Barrorlss Holy news! An Indiana woman is suing a state trooper who allegedly questioned her about her religious beliefs during a traffic stop. Ellen Bogan claims her First Amend- ment rights were violated when officer Brian Hamilton asked her if she accepted Jesus as her savior after pulling her over for a traf- fic violation. Bogan doesn't go to church but said she "felt compelled to say that she did." Wow! An Italian food maker Aha Quota in- troduced Birra Spalmabile, a spreadable paste made from beer. The company says the ale butter is ideal to "decorate or fill pastries, cakes and ice creams." Weirdo! Gerard Depardieu has revealed that he worked as both a grave robber and rent boy while growing up in poverty in cen- tral France. "I've known since I was very young that I please homosexuals," wrote the 65-year-old actor in his new autobiography, "That's the Way it Was." "I would ask them for money." He also admits that he occasion- ally helped an older man dig up newly buried bodies from a cemetery so they could steal their jewelry and clothing. The booze-loving actor, who recently struck up a friendship with Vladimir Putin, says the Russian presi- dent likes his "hooligan" side," We could have both become hoodlums," he says of Putin, who has granted him Russian citizenship. Stunned by ex-husband Brad Pitt's recent "stealth" marriage to Angelina Jolie, Jenni- fer Aniston is fast-tracking her own wedding to Justin Theroux, said the National Enquirer. Aniston, 45, has scrapped her plans for a lav- ish ceremony in Greece and now intends to hold a "quickie wedding" at a Mexican Bench Villa co-owned by George Clooney, said a source. Theroux is happy to bring forward the wedding date said the source and hopes that "once they make it official, Jen will finally let go of her fixation on Brad and Angle." Ready for this? Married couples who meet on-line are three times more likely to divorce than those who meet face to face, according to a study of more than 4,000 couples con- ducted by Michigan State University. On-line daters are also 28 percent more likely to split from their partners within the first year. Did you hear about the father of three sets of twins who sued his wife for a divorce on the grounds that she was overbearing? Giuseppina, cosce storte, says, "You have only to mumble a few words in church to get married and a few in your sleep to get di- vorced." Steven Sebestyen claims the average couple splits the Christmas chores. She signs the cards and he signs the checks. Steven's brilliant wife Theresa, says, "When a man brags that he wears the pants at home, chances are his wife tells him which pants to put on." Huh! Americans give about 3 percent of their income to charity each year, but in the years since the recession lifted, poor and middle-class earners have dug deeper. Poor and middle-income Americans increased their donations 5 percent from 2006 to 2012, while those earning more them $200,000 a year decreased their giving by roughly the same percentage. So, where does some of your money go? It costs nearly $2 billion each year to launch enough water into space -- 6 tons per person -- to sustain the six astronauts working aboard the International Space Station. So, how do you mend a broken heart? If you're going through a bad breakup, don't complain to your friends -- pop a couple of aspirin and stop brooding. That's the advice of Columbia psychology professor Walter Mischel, who believes that because psycho- logical pain is quite similar to physical pain, it can be treated with the same medicine. What is the easiest way to clean silver? Use Alka-Seltzer. Let tarnished silver sit for a couple of minutes in a glass of fizzing Alka- Seltzer. Antacid tablets can return the sparkle to gold and gemstones too. So says Paul J. Waters of Swampscott. Forty-seven percent of today's retirees say they have either worked or plan to work dur- ing retirement, according to a Merrill Lynch/ Age Wave survey. Sixty-two percent of those F f said the rea- son was to stay men- O O O tally active, ~, ,* double the 31 percent who said they worked for the money. Believe it was the attractive and brilliant Rosalie Cunio of Waltham, who said, one day an American worries about going to the poor- house, and the next day he buys a new auto- mobile. Mother Superior Frances Fitzgerald asks, what do atheists do with their money?. Surely they wouldn't carry around anything that says, "In God We Trust." A Georgia woman got a divorce because of religious differences. She worshiped money. and he didn't have a dime. The St. Louis County police academy is of- fering officers a "fun" seminar on how to deal with the media after cops shoot suspects. The academy promises the fast-paced class with essential strategies on "How to Win with the Media." Only 24 percent of Americans can correctly identify Janet Yellen as the chair of the Fed- eral Reserve, according to a new poll from Pew Research Center. 17 percent of Ameri- cans said they thought Alan Greenspan, who retired from the post more than eight years ago, still held the job. Gee, the City of Ocala, Florida, has dropped its month-old ban on saggy pants, after the NAACP threatened to sue. Violators would have faced a S500 free or up to 60 days in jail if their pants exposed their underwear or buttocks. Teacher Franklin Rich said he was disappointed. "Nobody wants to see anyone's behind," he said. Believe me she's running! Hillary Clinton gave the strongest indication yet that she's running for president in 2016 as she re- turned to Iowa, the first time she's traveled to the state since experiencing a crippling defeat there in its influential Democratic caucuses in 2008. "I'm baaack," said Clinton to the crowd at the 37th annual Harkin Steak Fry in Indianola. As for a 2016 run, said Clinton. "It's true; I've been thinking about it." People are going nuts! Almonds are now the most eaten nut in the United States, with people across the nation consuming 10 times the amount they did in 1965. But few people realize the cost that goes into their produc- tion. Most Americans know that the District of Columbia is named after Christopher Colum- bus, but few realize how great a role the Ital- ians and their descendants have had in build- ing the city and its monuments. The Lin- coin Memorial was created by Artilio Piccirilli and his four brothers. At the National Ca- thedral, Italian artisans created the gargoyles and statues that decorate the facade of Washington's most famous place of worship. The Capitol Building bears the imprint of Ital- ian and Italian talent. Between 1855 and 1870, the Italian artist Constantino Brumidi decorated its interior domes, corridors and the President's Room where Lincoln signed the Emancipation Proclamation. Italian con- struction workers helped build Washington's premiere train station. The six statues that decorate the station's facade were sculpted by Andrew E. Bernasconi between 1909 and 1911. Metro, Washington's subway system. Thousands Of commuters who ride it daily know that 60 percent of Metro's 764 subway cars are made in Italy. Some brief reminiscing with the stately musicologist Albert Natale. Vaughn Monroe's band made its debut in Siler's Ten Acres. Many of the musicians were from the Bos- ton area such as Dino Digiano, Andy Bagni, Don Falco, Guy Scafati and Connie Conigliaro. Vaughn also owned the Meadows in Framingham. He did attend the New En- gland Conservatory of Music in Boston for vocal training. Monroe was a man of many hobbies. He liked photography, motorcycling, swimming, golf and especially flying. He did own two planes. AMERICA IS A BEAUTIFUL ITALIAN NAME Parla Come Mangi! (Speak as You Eat!) by AIessandra Sambi~ase Benventtti! Let's begin our culinary tour to Toscana (Tuscany) in central Italy with a traditional dish from the 7hscan Maremma whose territory includes the province of Pisa, Livorno and Grosseto and borders the Mar Tirreno (Tyrrhenian sea) and Mar Ligure (Ligurian Sea). The Maremma region is an exten- sive area that also includes parts of northern Lazio (Maremma laziale). Say Maremma and think "Butteri" - the local Tuscan cowboys that ride the Maremman horses and tend to the na- tive Marelnmana breed of cattle. The food image most evoked by thoughts of Butteri is "Acqua cotta" (cooked water) - a typi- cal dish that makes use of the staples of the rural Tuscan kitchen: ortion, extra virgin olive oil, tomato, garden herbs, eggs, stale bread and pecorino cheese. There are many version of this dish throughout Tuscany; very important for the outcome of any actlua cotta recipe is the quality of the olive oil. It must be "rustic" and savory, as better Thscan oils are. Acqua Cotta ("Cooked water") - Tuscan Vegetable Soup (serves 4) 2 large ripe skinless diced tomatoes or one small can of diced peeled tomatoes 4 slices of country bread 4 Tbsp grated pecorino cheese 4 Tbsp extra virgin olive oil 2 large onions thinly sliced 4 eggs flesh chopped garden herbs (ma~oram, thyme, basil), salt and pepper to taste Preparcltion: In terracotta or in a regular pot, slowly sim- mer the )nions until very soft, almost "dissolved', in the olive oil. Add the diced tomatoes and the garden herbs - season wlth salt and pepper to taste and let simmer cov- ered on low heat until they reach an almost creamy con- sistency. At this point add enough hot water to give your soup the consistency of a thick broth and let simmer. Toast the bread slices and keep them warm. Crack the four eggs directly into the pot with the acqua cotta (do not stir or break the eggs), ladle some of the soup over the eggs and let the POt simmer covered for a few minutes until cooked. Plate by pouring some acqua cotta into the bottom of a bowl, next place the slice of toasted bread and sprinkle on some pecorino cheese. Carefully, using a slotted spoon, lift one egg out of the soup and place it onto the bread slice. Add some more soup and serve right away. Buon appetito! Acqua Cotta - Zuppa di Verdure Toscana (serves 4 ) 2 pomodori maturi grandi speUati e tagliati a cubetti o una lattina piccola di pomodori pelati a cubetti 4 fette di pane casereccio 4 cucchiaI di pecorino grattugiato 4 cucchiai di olio extra vergine d'oliva 2 grosse cipoUe tagliate finemente 4 uova trito di erbe aromatiche fresche (maggiorana, timo, basilico), sale e pepe q.b. Preparctzione: in un tegame (di terracotta o non) soffriggi lentamente le cipolle nell'olio senza caramellarle ma facendole quasi sciogliere piano piano. Aggiungi i pomodori a cubetti ed il trito di erbe aromatiche. Continua la cottura a fuoco lento, con il tegame coperto, fino ad ottenere una buona colasistenza. Aggiungi acqua calda quanto basta per diluire la zuppa alla consistenza di un brodo e lascia cuocere ancora per un po'. Tosta le fette di pane e tienile in caldo. Rompi le. 4 uova nel tegame con l'acqua cotta (non mescolare., le uova devono essere lasciate intere), ricoprile con dell'acqua cotta e lasciale cuocere per qualche minuto a tegame coperto. Impiatta mettendo un fondo di acqua cotta in una ciotola e sopra, una fetta di pane tostato che cospar- gerai con del pecorino grattugiato. Facendo attenzione, trasferisci un uovo dal tegame direttamente sulla fetta di pane, aggiungi altra acqua cotta e servi subito. Buon appetito! Alessandra Sambiase is an elementary and middle school Italian lartguage teacher in the Catholic school system and in the North End. She is also a cooking instructor and founder of "Parla come mangi!" (speak as you eat!) cooking classes, where the passion for the Italian language meets the love for the Italian food. 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