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October 23, 2015     Post-Gazette
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October 23, 2015

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Page 4 POST-GAZETTE, OCTOBER 23, 2015 L'Anno Bello: A Year in Italian Folklore Bewitched in Italy by Ally Di Censo Symynkywicz Magic. That word reso- nates like a sizzling charm on my lips. Everything in- volving magic fascinates me. I adore the Harry Potter books. One of my supreme guilty pleasures is the Hall- mark film series The Good Witch, about a mysterious woman that moves to a quaint little town and im- proves the lives of the resi- dents through her good- natured charms. My favor- ite Halloween costume is a witch's hat, sleek and mystical and classic. I think that works concerning magic so inspire me because magic is a traditionally female-centric discipline. In ancient times, the village "wise woman" was a folk healer learned in the power of herbs and ready to assist the towns- people through travails like illness and childbirth. The folk healers became negatively stereotyped as witches once male doctors rose into power in the later Middle Ages. Nowa- days, it is nice to see the image of the witch represent positive female power and magic. As Halloween approaches, it is prime time to think of the mys- terious and mystical side of life. My mind wanders to Italy, where one finds no shortage of magi- cal and spooky folklore. I can think of many examples in my own Italian American family of strong and wise women. My grandmothers fit the archetype of the knowledgeable folk healer. Their kitchens ~are cozy dens where somethiing always seems to be bubbling and cooking. Moreover, my grandmothers brim with the stories, anecdotes and proverbs that can only derive from many years of hard-earned experience and wisdom. Nonna Lnisa, my mother's mother, has a dog- eared and faded notebook full of loose-leaf recipes -- not well- defined guidelines, but rather recipes depending on pinches of this and a little bit of that. I always marvel at her ability to create traditional delicacies from memory, her hand trained by years in the embrace of family members cooking up their own recipes in their ancestral kitch- ens. In European villages of yore, including those in Italy, older women like my grand- mothers were often looked upon as purveyors of folk rem- edies and magical cures. In Italy, this kind of folk practice some- times goes under the name Benedicaria, a loose term for blessings and cures that com- bine Catholic tradition with older pre-Christian lore. Most Italians who know of folk rem- edies, however, would not call them by any particular name Since 1969 FOR ALL YOUR INSURANCE NEEDS RICHARD SETTIPANE Public Insurance Adjuster Experience makes the difference! 209 BROADWAY, REVERE, MA 02151 Tel. 781.284.1100 Fax 781.284.2200 Boston 617.523.3456 Free Parking Adjacent to Building but rather acknowledge them as family lore passed down through the ages. Yes, it seems that along with de- licious recipes and holiday traditions, magic is spread among many Italian families as well! Many of the superstitions, charms and practices rooted in Italian folk history still leave an indelible mark on the culture today. My grandmother often speaks of malocchio, or evil eye -- the old Mediterranean belief that a gaze of jealousy or magic can impart real harm on someone. A folkloric test to verify if you are indeed under the spell of ma/occh/o involves dropping a dollop of olive oil into a plate of water. If the oil molds into one large circle in the middle of the water, it is a sure sign that you are cursed, though fortunately special rituals will cause the drop of oil to disperse and relieve the curseI Another amu- let against the evil eye still sold in many Italian shops is the corno, or a charm made out of lucky red coral shaped like a horn. My grandmother is always quick to remind me of a plethora of other Italian superstitions and customs that reflect this folk tradition. Birds in the home are bad luck, for they symbolize death. Never spill olive oil, as it is a precious and unsurpassed staple of the Italian kitchen. Always bless bread by making a Cross on the dough before plac- ing it in the oven. These customs offer a fascinating glimpse into the importance on nourishment, health and community amongst Italians. As symbols of Italian heritage and history, these nug- gets of folklore further represent the ingenuity and values of our ancestors. This time of the year, it is easy to think upon the supernatural. Halloween decorations like eerie glowing jack-o-lanterns and white sheeted ghosts beckon at us from storefronts and door- ways. Yellow and brown leaves swirl against a cloudy sky, and the howl of the wind calls to mind wafting spirits or mourn- ful werewolves. Yet when we think of the most famous Hal- loween symbol of all, the witch, we should know that she is rooted in a complex history of folklore, feminIne power, and cross-cultural traditions, in Italy as elsewhere in Europe, the RIS END people later maligned as witches were actually the folk healers and wise women of ancient villages. Many of the lore and lqG ~U~ practices surrounding these age-old traditions continue to be recognized and seen in Italy 5 PRINCE STREET* NORTH END * BOSTON, MA 02113 today. So with Halloween quickly upon us, it is right Owned and operated by Pamela Donnaruma, Publisher, Post-Gazette Quality Printing for all your Commercial and Personal Needs to think of the magical side of Italy as well. No wonder it has been called such a bewitching countryl Ally Di Censo Symynkywicz is a Graduate Student in History at the University of Massachusetts Boston. She appreciates any comments and suggestions about Italian holidays and folklore I DIAMONDS 1 ROLEX ESTATE JEWELRY Bought & Sold Jewelers Exch. Bldg. Jim (617) 263-7766 m COMPETITIVE PRICES w.>jt V/ by Sal Giarratani Are You Going to Heaven or Heft? I have seen a billboard for the for its Columbus Day Parade. I last several weeks. Passed by it rode in a convoy of Army trucks, maybe once or twice a week. It and ended up in an armored states, "Where are you going-- vehicle riding in the machine heaven or hell"? For most of us gun nest like actor Christopher who believe in heaven or hell, George in that old "IV series Rat the answer is heaven, but Patrol I was having such fun; not today, the Winthrop American Legion Now that the weather is Post commander told me I was quickly cooling down, thoughts having too much fun stirring up of summer are but a mere cheers from the crowd that lined memory. Like the Red Sox, it is the parade route. wait until next year for summer Someday, that billboard will to begin again. I was walking toll for me, but hopefully not for Dot, a sweet little dog. She a while. I never worry. I try and seems to love this weather and do good and know that life is a enjoys the lack of heat and hu- gift. When it's my time, it's my midity. She hates summer when time. My mother was very Irish the temps go sky high. Also, and she didn't worry about the when it comes to rainy days, she end times. At 75 years old, she says, "Not for me." took her first airplane trip. When October is a weird month for my brother asked ffshe was ner- me. My daughter, Nealie, turned vous, she said, "No, because 29 years old on October 17% when your time is up, it's up. This is a great day full of happi- You could be in a plane or on ness. October 18th used to be a an MBTA bus." She Just smiled happy day, too, because it was and enjoyed that trip. my brother Dominic's birthday. No one wants to go to hell; it's He would have been 65 years old just an expression we want had he not passed away at age to throw around at others who 56. Oh yeah, my mom passed bug us. away on October 18, 1992. If you live your life well, help Too bad we can't stay kids others and just have fun along longer, because the happy days the way, you don't have to worry always seem to outnumber the about where you are going. sadones. October makes me ap- You won't be needing lots preciate life more with the blend of sunscreen #90 where you're of happy and sad thoughts. Our going. memories serve us well and Right now, the only place I am keep everything in perspective, going is out into the sunshine This past Columbus Day, I and enjoy the rest of this day, was over in the City of Revere and you should, too. LEGAL NOTICE LEGAL NOTICE Commonwealth of Massachusetts The Trial Court Probate and Family Court Middlesex Probate and Family Court 208 Cambridge Street Cambridge, MA 02141-0005 (617) 768-5800 Docket No. MI13P0644EA CITATION ON PETITION FOR ORDER OF COMPLETE SETTLEMENT Estate of BURTON A. CLEAVES Date of Death March 0, 2013 To all interested persons: A Pef~on has been filed by Annie F. Barbied requesting that an Order of Complete Settlement of the estate issue approve an accounting compel or approve a distribution adjudicate a final settlement and other such relief as may be requested in the Pet~on. You have the dght to obtain a cepy of the Petition from the Petitioner or at the Court. You here a right to object to this proceeding. To do so, you or your ettomay must file a written appearance and objection at this Court bofore 10:00 a.m.en November 5, 2015. This is NOTe hearing date, but a deadline by which you must file a written appearance and objection If you object to this prcceeding. If you fail to file e timely written appearance end objection followed by an Affidavit of Objections within thirty (30) days of the return date, action may be taken without further notice to you. WITNESS, HON. EDWARD F. DONNELLY, JR., Rrst Justice of this Court. Date: September 29, 2015 Tara E. DeCristofam, Register of Probate Run date: 10/23/15 For information about in the Post-Gazette, call 617-227- . Commonwealth of Massachusetts The Trial Court Middlesex Probate and Family Court 208 Cambridge Street Cambridge, MA 02141 (617) 768-5800 Docket No. MI14P0856EA Estate of RICHARD M. GARRITY Also Known As RICHARD GARRITY Date of Death January 20, 2014 CITATION ON PETITION FOR FORMAL ADJUDICATION To all interested persons: A Petition for Formal Adjudication of Intes- tacy and Appointment of Personal Repre- sentative has been filed by Patdcis A. Gardty of Somerville, MA, requesting that the Court enter a formal Decree and Order and for such other relief as requested in the Petition. The Petitioner requests that Patricla A. Gardty of Somerville, MA, be appointed as Personal Representative(s) of said estate to serve Without Surety on the bond in an unsupervised administra~n. IMPORTANT NOTICE You have the dght to obtain a copy of the Petition from the Petitioner Or at the Court. You have a dght to object to this pcceeding. To do so, you or your attorney must file a wdtten appearance and objection at this Court before 10:00 e.m. on the return day of November 13, 2015. This is NOT eheedng date, but e dead- line by which you must file a written appear- ance and objection if you object to this proceeding. If you fail to file e timely written appearance and objection followed by an affidavit of objections within thirty (30) days of the retum day, action may he taken with- out further notice to you. UNSUPERVISED ADMINISTRATION UNDER THE MASSACHUSETTS UNIFORM PROBATE CODE (MUPC) A Personal Representative appointed un- der the MUPC in an unsupervised adminis- tration is not required to file an inventory or annual accounts with the Court. Persona interested in the estate are entitled to notice regarding the administration directly from the Personal Representative end may peti- tion the Court in any matter relating to the estate, including the distribution of assets end expenses of administration. WITNESS, HON. EDWARD R DONNELLY, JR., Rrst Justice of this Court. Date: October 15, 2015 Tara E. OeCristofaro, Register of Probate Run date: 10/23/15