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November 4, 2011     Post-Gazette
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November 4, 2011

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;I:iOST:-CI'TE, IqIvIM'BER 4'2011 News Briefs (Continued from Page i) across the country. The shootings at Kent State took place on my 22 "a birthday in 1970. PerSonally, I remem- ber the names of many SDSers but his name is not in my memory bank. Back in college, I was a member of Young Ameri- cans for Freedom, a conser- vative campus group coun- tering the SDS radicals on the left. We were learning so much about U.S. history out of the classroom during that era. Things really never got ugly except for the often shouting matches when we both arrived at the same place at the same time. Now reading this obituary and remembering my college days, I think both groups actually made everyone think about our U.S. Viet- nam policy. At some point during the national debate. I stopped supporting the Vietnam War because we had no real effective policy or leadership in Washing- ton, Too many young Ameri- cans were dying and it was hard to justify our continued presence in the war-torn country. It was the young people of America who stood up to the status quo and failed govern- ment leadership. Eventually, that war would end in failure for the United States as Ho Chi Minh and his North Vietnamese Army stormed into Saigon taking over everything. Back then as a 20-some- thing student, I saw the world in black and white, with age, I realize that there's just you and me and we both disagree. Pat Boone and Sheriff Joe Aren't Giving Up the Fight Latest news over Presi- dent Obama's birthplace have both pop singer Pat Boone and Sheriff Joe Pyle from Arizona not allowing Obama's birth details fade into history. Boone, who by the way is a distant relative of Daniel Boone and a mem- ber of the Beverly Hills Tea Party still says Obama was born in Kenya. His proof?. He says most Kenyans actually believe Obama is from there. Pat Boone calls the released birth certificate nothing more than a "Photoshop fraud." Meanwhile, Sheriff Joe, the lawman who wants to round up and deport illegals in his county has launched a county investigation into the matter of the president's birth status. Joe is the sher- iff who dresses his inmates in pink jumpsuits and when ordered by the courts to turn TVs back on in jail, now gives inmates the news, weather, sports and G-rated movies. Hicks for Queen Elizabeth Warren? Recently, "Queen Elizabeth Warren" already crowned by the Democrat elitists in Washington, referred to her middle-class base as "hicks." You can only wonder how Democrats would have re'- acted if Senator Brown had used the "hicks" terminol- ogy? She's trying to pass her- self off as a regular hard- working middle-class family person. Brown is a hundred times more a regular person than she could ever hope to be. Why even bother with a primary election with Alan Whatshisname? Hey, why not cancel the whole elec- tion itself, send Brown home to Wrentham and install the new Queen Elizabeth into the U.S. Senate now? Thank God we hicks still have the right to vote. huh? Toxic Loans, Who Owns Them? If you listen to the White House, the Democrat-con- trolled U.S. Senate, the very liberal news media and the Occupy movement, blame greedy big banks and greedy financial institutions for the economic meltdown and housing crash. However. in reality, most of those poison- ous toxic home loans are owned by Fannie Mac and Freddie Mac thanks to the Community Preservation Act which gave out loans to un: qualified first-time home- buyers reportedly based on race and ethnic, background. The bottom had nowhere to go but foreclosure on marry of these "not ready to be a homeowner" homeowners. No one is saying that there is no greed on Wall Street but the problem with those toxic sub-prime home loans is to be found with those at Fannie Mac and Freddie Mac. Blame the right source. They Can't Be Serious, Can They? I just learned that Hertz is in trouble with the ACLU. It seems recently five Muslim employees who are required to pray five times a day at work were told they would have to clock out to pray. Hertz thought. They made it clear but the five employees kept on praying daily on company time. Hertz finally fired the five of them. The ACLU jumped right in say- ing it violated their consti- tutional religious rights. I am sure a discrimination lawsuit is being thought of or written up as you read this. In the end, one talk show host jested; Hertz will be required to put pray rugs in every rental car and all GPS devices will be frozen in an east position facing Mecca. Then there's that young Muslim student who belongs to a Jr. ROTe pro- gram in Tennessee who Wan.ted to wear her head scarf in a parade in uniform. The ROTe commander said no way to that idea. Her par- ents think she's being dis- criminated on the basis of religion. All that the ROTe commander said .was "no head scarves in uniform." Several Middle Eastern po- litical action committees are taking up her cause now, too. Then there's that prin- cipal over in Somerville at a public school named in honor of President Kennedy. She would like to see the cel- ebrations of Columbus Day, Thanksgiving Day and Hal- loween, all banned from pub- lic schools because they are apparently politically incor- rect holidays. After all weren't the Pilgrims and Columbus evil. Didn't Native Americans die because of their adven- tures and settlements? Then, there's Halloween. Of course you have to ban that too, because kids are just hav- ing too much fun with that tradition. I just have two words for you when it comes to my opposition to Elizabeth Warren getting elected to the U.S. Senate seat. The two words are "George Soros," the multi-billionaire liberal who seemingly loves beating up on things most of us favor. If he's for Warren I'm not. Rick .Perry is Still Most Electable Conservative to Me No matter his miscues on the campaign trail and at various debate forums, Texas Governor Rick Perry is by far the most electable Republican running for the presidency. His trouble, he's having difficulty in the nomination race to Mitt Romney. However, I believe that Romney will not be able to beat President Obama on Election Day. Many say that only Romney can win over the moderates and indepen- dents from the-all important suburbs of America. They saythat Perry will have a hard time going beyond his conservative base. People are underestimat- ing Perry and Perry's draw from frustrated Americans who think the country is going down the same sewer pipe that Libyan rebels found Khadafy hiding in. America is seeking a leader who can take them forward and not just another politician say- ing anything to get elected. Perry with all his flaws on the campaign trail today is still the most real person running and eventually more voters will' see this plain spoken guy with his Texas accent as. a leader who can put America back on the right track again. Anglo-American Values Endangered In 1776, Britain and America were enemies at War but today in 2011, we are joined at the hip when it comes to all those barbar- ians out there trying to destroy our culture and our western civilization. My family roots are in Sicily and Ireland but my cultural roots are English. Our political, social cultural and govern- mental structure date back to the Magna Carta in 1215. Today, America has no stronger ally in this crazy world than Great Britain. Most of the world today views the Anglo-American culture as outdated. We have be- come the bad guys in the world. We aren't! Class Warfare from Our President Recently, reacting to Republican criticism, Presi- dent Obama says his Jobs Bill and the $547 billion in new stimulus cash needed is not a form of "class war- fare" but rather just an attempt in making things fair such as tax burden. Obama supports the so- called Buffet Bill increasing the taxes upon rich people. However, this idea and legislation will never pass muster in the U.S. House and the White House knows this. Rather, Obama is trying to set himself up as (Continued on Page 15) LEAPFROG: 3 DVD LEARNING COLLECTION + BOOK (DVD) Lionsgate LeapFrog Enterprises' all- new gift set includes re- cently released titles: The Amazing Alphabet Amuse- ment Park, Learn to Read at the Storybook Factory and Numbers Ahoy. Lily, Tad and Scout find the letters to start the fun at the Amusement Park. with special features as sing-along songs, short vowel shorts, a video featur- ing Scout and a curriculum commentary for parents. In the Storybook Factory, pic- tures, words and imagina- tion bring stories to life with sing-along songs helping little ones learn using the string of read-along words on the screen. Numbers teaches math skills as number rec- ognition, counting and esti- mation. All this plus a book, for ages 2-7! THE BEST OF THE TEMPTATIONS ON THE ED SULLIVAN SHOW (DVD) Motown-Hip-O The Temptations set a very high bar for R&B groups with their distinctive harmonies. flashy suits and dazzling cho- reography. They popularized a new, refined style of sing- ing and were a breakthrough success with both African- American and white audi- ences. Ed Sullivan welcomed the group onto his show and the Temps delivered classic performances. Their first ap- pearance was May 28, 1967. and they went on to perform most of their smash hits during numerous appear- ances on the legendary tele- vision show. The three med- leys include one five-song set with The Supremes. (40 mins. Color & BIIO. 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The show, which stars Thomas Jane as Drecker, Jane Adams as,Tanya Skagle, Rebecca Creskoff as Lenore Bernard and Anne Heche as Ray's ex-wife, continues to follow divorced teacher/ coach Drecker on his quest to provide ultimate cus- tomer satisfaction to women everywhere. This season his two leading female pimps (Adams and Creskoffl, fac- ing off in a hilarious battle to see who can most maxi- mize Ray's growth. Season 3 premiered on HBO, Octo- ber 2 "d. (4 hrs. 34 mins.) CAMELOT: FIRST SEASON (3-DVD) Anchor Bay Ent. In the wake of King Uther's sudden death, the sorcerer Merlin has visions of a dark future and installs the young and impetuous Arthur, Uther's unknown son and heir. But Arthur's half sis- ter Morgan will fight him to the bitter end to claim the crown. Faced with the chal- lenge of uniting a kingdom broken by war and steeped in deception,. Arthur will be tested beyond imagina- tion. Forget everything you think you know ... this is the story of Camelot that has never been told before, fea- turing all ten episodes. (8 hrs. 35 mins.) BEVERLY LEWIS' THE SHUNNING (DVD) Sony Pictures Home Ent. A heartwarming story by New York Times best-selling author and top Amish fiction writer comes Beverly Lewis' The Shunning. Katie Lapp {Danielle Panabaker) has always struggled with the rules that define her shel- tered Amish community, but when a wealthy outsider (Sherry Stringfield) begins asking questions about her family, Katie begins to wonder about her origins. She questions what connec- tion does this woman have to her life ... and how will the unraveling secrets chal- lenge Katie's faith? Travel with Katie on her powerful, personal journey of discov- ery. (1 hr. 28 mins.) WISHFUL DRINKING (DVD) HBO Home Ent. An actress, screenwriter, and best-selling 'author, Carrie Fisher is the daugh- ter of the late singer Eddie Fisher and actress Debbie Reynolds, known as "Amer- ica's Sweethearts" in the late '50s. She became a cultural icon at age 19 after starring as Princess Leia in the first Star Wars trilogy. Combining wry wit and raw facts, Fisher's hit stage production Wishful Drinking, an intoxi- cating autobiographical tale of her life, reveals her hilarious slant on the not-so glittering side of being a celebrity. Humor and hon- esty! (1 hr. 16 mins.) gll[  iI]lIllii ,lql! [Iq Tfllrlllnl]]l]llll HIHIHf, imr!!llZullUll I I [Ill r l]-]lll - ]- v -[ -H " ][ -[ -- -I ,|1  ]