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November 11, 2011     Post-Gazette
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November 11, 2011

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Page i4 POST-GAZETTE, NOVEMBER 11,2Oll NEWS/"S RIEFS (FROM/TAL/AN NEWSPAPERS AND Compiled by' Orazio Z. Buttafuoco THE HEALTH DIET KEEPS IMPROVING! As many of you do, I do a great deal of reading, daily! Often I find new ways to a better and healthier diet. What I recently read attracted my full attention. Without much ado, here is, in brief, a taste of certain foods that we used to sneer about when- ever we saw some old timers eating it. Let's begin by saying that women undergo all kinds of treatment, e.g., face lifting, as soon as they spot a wrinkle on their face. Why, you may say, do they (wrinkles) show up? The answer now is simpler than before. They show up because of the way we eat, especially fried foods and lots of sugar. They have been found to cause early old age. Even the sugar substitute ought to disappear from the table! It has been said that "Youth is "Mediterranean!" Which brings us to the kind of diet, precisely the "Mediterranean Diet" that is increasingly proven to be the healthiest, in Italy in particular, where cooking, especially in the South, is much healthier than in the North, which is very rich. First of all, hard liquor and smoking ought to be banned. Then, to prevent the emergence of wrinkles on the face, it is essential to eat healthy food, especially greens, veg- etables, and a lot of fruit every day and a generous glass of red 'rinD' with each daily meal (twice a day). It's also essential to eat fresh fish, at least twice a week and other canned fish, also a couple times a week. In other words, try to avoid eating any food that has oxidants: the culprits that speed up early aging. You should add to the fruit, kiwi -- powerful anti free- radicals which also contribute to an earlier aging. Legumes are perhaps the best source of proteins, as opposed to a beefsteak. If you hear a nutritionist, as I once did, who favored to eat beef as the source of proteins, don't believe in him/her. Beans, cheek peas or lentils, are the best and healthiest food substitutes to beef and pork. Furthermore, they help to prevent most forms of cancer. If you happen to meet a centenarian, ask a simple question: what is the real secret to longevity? Most surely, as I myself experi- enced once, he or she, will answer that the best food that kept him from 'getting old', was mostly beans, lentils, lots of vegetables and lots of fruit every day. And you felt full, especially after drinking a good glass of wine! And so my dear readers ask not what to eat to feel full, ask what to eat to feel truly healthy and growing old too! Unless you choose to live a shorter life! Fool! THE BEST WAY TO ROB A BANK? PUSHING A STROLLER WITH A BABY! This is truly incredible. A 41-year-old lady, Elisabetta Del Pero, decided one day to rob a bank, using a new stratagem. She would tell the teller to give her the money, otherwise a commando, ready to kill anyone, would burst in. Surprisingly, it went well a couple of times. How- ever, the ever-present Carabinieri, realized what kind of robber they were about to deal with. It didn't take long to set a trap. Sure enough, the robber walked inside the bank where a couple of Carabinieri, of course not in uniform, already were 'working'7 The moment the lady approached a teller, they moved closer and immediately arrested her when she made the pitch. They took her to their command station, helped her to change the baby and clean the 7-month old infant. Why she chose to rob a bank? She didn't hesitate to answer the question. She had been laid-off and didn't know how to live, with a baby! Mrs. Murphy (Continued test against drug companies making huge profits or the FDA that won't approve drugs that help sick people get bet- ter. Many people that are gravely ill are forced to go to Canada to get their drugs ... Is this coincidental that President Barack Obama showed up at the National Italian American Founda- tion convention in Washing- ton D.C. at the time he's running for re-election? The President is invited every year to this affair, but choose this year to make an appearancel He jokingly pointed out to Italian mem- bers that his last name ended in a vowel! How from Page 7) clever! Does this mean Barack's expecting to get some of the Italian voteH!! ... Big boo-boo, Prez Obama speaking with French Prez Nicolas Sarkozy at the G-20 meeting held in Cannes, France was overheard while the microphone was still on agreeing with Sarkozy who called Israel Prime Min- ister Benjamin Netanyahu a liar, after Sarkozy voted for Palestinians. It appears that Netanyahu, an ally of the U.S. was thrown under the bus by Obama when Obama retaliated to Sarkozy, "How do you think I feel, I have to deal with him every dayF ... Till next time! The time has come, the walrus said, TO TALK OF MANY THINGS of shoes and ships and sealing wax of cabbages and kings by Sal Giarratani DELLA CAVA HALLOWEEN PARTY / PARADE GREAT SUCCESS The 60 th annual Halloween Parade and celebration was held on Sunday, October 30 postponed from the previous day due to bad weather. A large crowd of parents with their costuaed kids marched up and down North End streets led by a great marching band. This annual tradition was started back when I was little kid living on Lewis Street by the Madonna Della Cava Society. Phil Costa was spotted marching in this year's pa- rade wearing his "Phil Costa" costume. Phil takes great pride in this tradition by his society. Events like this parade are what make the North End a great place to raise families. ROXBURY NEIGHBORHOOD REUNION A BLAST The annual Roxbury Neigh- borhood Association gather- ing was held last week in Quincy at the Sons of Italy. Every year the old Roxbury gang from St. Patrick's and St. Philip's parishes show up to remember when they were younger and enjoying their time in the hood. EASTIE PARISH CHRISTMAS BAZAAR The Sacred Heart Parish Annual Christmas Bazaar will be held on Saturday, November 19 from noon to 6:00 pm. This year the doors open earlier for a special pancake breakfast for the children with Santa. WHAT A DEAL, HUH? A savings bank around these parts ran an advertise- ment for a great deal it was running and you had better jump on it fast because the deal is for a limited time only. Sign up for a nine- month CD and sit back for your jackpot nine months later when you get a whoop- ing 1.35 interest percentage. WOW! I can hardly wait for a payday like that: A dream come true, right? It's like getting a coffee, bagel and cream cheese for nothing, eh? Where do I sign up? NOT[ Remember Your Loved Ones The Post-Gazette accepts memorials throughout the year. Please call 617-227-8929 for further details. FILENES BASEMENT GOING UNDER? Filene's Basement is in financial trouble and re- cently closed four Bay State stores leaving only three remaining stores here. By Christmas, the Braintree, Peabody, Saugus and Water- town stores will be gone for- ever. The remaining stores will be in the Back Bay, New- ton and Norwood. According to Mike Tesler from Retail Concepts, "Losing the flagship cut the heart out of the organi- zation ... and at the end of the day, their stuff is just not as interesting to buy." WHOLE FOODS OPENS IN JAMAICA PLAIN The Whole Foods Market has opened up in Jamaica Plain in the storefront once home for years to Hi-Low Market. On day one, the nearly 70 parking spaces were filled up by noon as a steady stream of shoppers stopped by the market. NOTHING TO SEE HERE, MOVE ALONG Recently " Mayor Menino sent some city health in- spectors over at the Occupy Boston encampment to check the health conditions of the place. Of course, they found nothing unhealthy going on there and basically said, "Just keep moving by. There's nothing going on here." Might I add, pay no attention to the filthy con- ditions. Keep your eyes on those Norway rats. They're just the official rodent of the Occupy Boston crowd. COLUMBUS PARADE FUNDRAISING COMEDY GREAT SUCCESS The East Boston Columbus Day Parade Committee held a very successful fund- raiser for next year's par- ade. It was a "Comedy Night" and over 400 folks joined up for all the fun on a very stormy night. Kudos go out to the Parade Committee for a great event as it is never too soon to start rais- ing funds for East Boston's bi-annual Columbus Day cel- ebrations. Parades take work, lots of it and lots of cash too. The end result will be yet another great parade day for all of East Boston's residents. HAPPY BIRTHDAY BLUE Happy Birthday to my man Blue from Finesse Entertainment, he just turned another year older on October 29. BEAWOLF AT O'BRIEN'S East Boston's Beawolfe classic rock bank has an- other upcoming gig this Sat- urday, November 12 from 9:00 A.M. to Midnight over in Lynn at O'Brien's on Boston Street. Check'em out. Best club band around for me. LEGAL NOTICE MASSACHUSETTS PORT AUTHORITY NOTICE TO CONTRACTORS Sealed General Bids for MPA Contract No. L957-Cl NEW TOWER DOMESTIC BOOSTER PUMP REPLACEMENT, LOGAN INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT, EAST BOSTON, MA will be received by the Massachusetts Port Authority at the Capital Programs Department Office, Suite 209S, Logan Office Center, One Harborside Drive, East Boston, Massachusetts 02128, until 1 t :00 A.M. local time on DECEMBER 14, 2011. Immediately aRer which, in a designated room, the bids will be opened and read publicly. NOTE: PRE-BID CONFERENCE WILL BE HELD ATTHE CAPITAL PROGRAMS DEPARTMENT (ABOVE ADDRESS) AT 10:00 A.M. LOCAL TIME ON TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 29, 2011. The work includes REMOVAL AND REPLACEMENT OF THE DOMESTIC BOOSTER PUMP SYSTEM AND SUMP PUMPS, INCLUDING PIPING, MINOR DEMOLmON AND PAINTING. Bid documents will be made available beginning TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 15, 2011. In order to be eligible and responsible to bid on this contract General Bidders must submit with their bid a current Certificate of Eligibility issued by the Division of Capital Asset Management and an Update Statement. The General Bidder must be certified in the category of PLUMBING. The estimated contract cost is ONE HUNDRED FIFTY THOUSAND DOLLARS [$150,00000.] Bid Documents in electronic format may be obtained free of charge at the Authority's Capital Programs Department Office, together with any addenda or amendments, which the Authority may issue and a printed copy of the Proposal form. Bidding procedures and award of the contract and sub-contracts shall be in accordance with the provisions of Sections 44A through 44H inclusive, Chapter 149 of the General Laws of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. A proposal guaranty shall be submitted with each General Bid consisting of a bid deposit for five (5) percent of the value of the bid; when sub-bids are required, each must be accompanied by a deposit equal to five (5) percent of the sub-bid amount, in the form of a bid bond, or cash, or a certified check, or a treasurer's or a cashier's check issued by a responsible bank or trust company, payable to the Massachusetts Port Authority in the name of which the Contract for the work is to be executed. The bid deposit shall be (a) in a form satisfactory to the Authority, (b) with a surety company qualified to do business in the Commonwealth and satisfactory to the Authority, and (c) conditioned upon the faithful performance by the principal of the agreements contained in the bid. The successful Bidder will be required to furnish a performance bend and a labor and materials payment bond, each in an amount equal to 100% of the Contract price. The surety shall be a surety company or securities satisfactory to the Authority. Attention is called to the minimum rate of wages to be paid on the work as determined under the provisions of Chapter 149, Massachusetts General Laws, Section 26 to 27G, inclusive, as amended. The Contractor will be required to pay minimum wages in accordance with the schedules listed in Division II, Special Provisions of the Specifications, which wage rates have been predetermined by the U. S. Secretary of Labor and/or the Commissioner of Labor and Industries of Massachusetts, whichever is greater. The successful Bidder will be required to purchase and maintain Bodily Injury Liability Insurance, Auto Uability Insurance, and Property Damage Liability Insurance for a combined single limit of ONE MILLION DOLLARS ($1,000,000.00). Said policy shall be on an occurrence basis and the Authority shall be included as an Additional Insured. Bee the insurance sections of Division I, General Requirements and Division II, Special Provisions for complete details. No tiled sub-bids will be required for this contract. This contract is subject to a Disadvantaged Business Enterprise participation provision requiring that not less than THREE PERCENT (3%) of the Contract be performed by disadvantaged business enterprise contractors. With respect to this provision, bidders are urged to familiarize themselves thoroughly with the Bidding Documents. Strict compliance with the pertinent procedures will be required for a bidder to be deemed responsive and eligible. This Contract is also subject to Affirmative Action requirements of the Massachusetts Port Authority contained in Article 84 of the General Requirements and Covenants, and to the Secretary of Labor's Requirement for Affirmative Action to Ensure Equal Opportunity and the Standard Federal Equal Opportunity Construction Contract Specifications (Executive Order 11246). The General Contractor is required to submit a Certification of Non-Segregated Facilities prior to award of the Contract, and to notify prospective subcontractors of the requirement for such certification where the subcontract exceeds $10,000. Complete information and authorization to view the site may be obtained from the Capital Programs Department Office at the Massachusetts Port Auth(rity. The right is reserved to waive any informality in or reject any or all proposals. MASSACHUSETrS PORT AUTHORITY DAVID S. MACKEY INTERIM CHtEF EXECUTIVE OFFICER AND EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR Run date: 11/11/11