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December 2, 2011     Post-Gazette
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December 2, 2011

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BOSTON POST-GAZETTE;DECEMBER 2, 2011 "Page 1"5 News Briefs (Continued from Page 1) and "changed the national conversation." Recently, a New York Times op-ed piece tried to convince readers that Occupy Anything had become the leading edge of a progressive period in this country. This writer claimed that during the Reagan era (now ending) while the top 1 percent saw its wealth soar; the rest of us saw unemploy- ment and stagnant income gains. Truth be told, IRA data shows the top 1 percent drop- ping about 9 percent in real terms over the past 10 years. This writer also claimed high unemployment soared under President Reagan with all of his conservative policies. However, between 1981 and 2008, unemploy- ment averaged about 6 per- cent. It was only post George W. Bush that unem- ployment spiked to approxi- mately 9.3 percent. We've had this class war stuff for a while now. When President Bill Clinton ran for office, he claimed the 1980s were a time "of greed and selfishness," when the rich got richer and you know the rest of this sentence. Here are real facts. Accord- ing to liberal Public Policy Polling, just 33 percent sup- port Occupy Anything and 42 percent still support the Tea Party movement. Of course, when the Occupy forces fi- nally vanish, something else will come along to keep hope alive for liberals and the media. Just wait and see. Occupy Wall Street Not The. NYPD foiled Occupy Wall.Street's attempt to shut down Wall Street on Novem- ber 17. Hundreds took to the streets in N:ew York and elsewhere for of na- tional action seen as a test of the grassroots movement's momentum. In New York City, it was expected that tens of thousands ,would turn out but in tile end, the fig- ure was fewer than a thou- sand. Occupy Dallas didn't fare well either, the same day when folks got arrested by horse-riding Dallas cops in riot gear who evicted Oc- cupy Dallas protesters from a site near City Hall. Finally, Occupy Boston is launching a newspaper after raising some 88,000 in funds. The plan is to publish The Boston Occupier and distribute more than 25,000 copies of it. Dallas Politics Goes Trashy Down in Dallas, the mayor and city council have de- cided to reportedly force trash haulers to transport their trash to a city-owned landfill located on the south side of Dallas rather-than letting haulers take their trash to several privately owned landfills on the north side of town. The city says it wants to go green to better the environment..The city also charges 821.50 per ton rather than the cheaper $17 or S18 per ton at existing private landfills. Why is Dal- las trying to get a monopoly on trash to landfills hurting private industry? Could it be Dallas is going broke and Dallas is looking to take in more revenue? Collecting garbage is big money and the Big D sees dollar signs timelUd ...and clear. Chi-Ching i Occupy This! The Occupy movement across this country is in- creasingly turning more cha- otic and violent. I am sure most of the protesters are both angry a.t the system and looking to vent their per- sonal frustrations, but there appear to be a hardcore group that is anti-cop, anti-capital- ism and anti-country. These people attempt to lead the masses in some kind of ro- mantic revolution. However, this creeping occupy revolu- tion is losing traction with the real 99 percent when they block streets, bridges and subway systems. Conservative Glen Beck recently appeared one morn- ing on the Jeff Katz's radio show on Radio 1200 Boston and said he was more con- cerned with the pfippet mas- ters from above organizing this chaos in the streets. The longer the occupiers hold onto their illegal tent cities, the angrier most of us are getting with the movement. Here in Boston the occu- piers actually got a judge in Suffolk Superior Court to side with them issuing a restraining order preventing the City of Boston kicking them off.the Greenway at least until the next court date. on December 5 which ironically is the anniversary of the Boston Massacre back in the days of the real Occu- pied Boston. When the occupiers finally leave Mahatma Ghandi Park on the Greenway, Mayor Tom Menino will have- lots. of "splaining" to do as Lucy often told Ricky. Also, .I won- der how many of the so- called -oppressed. students down by. South Station .in Dewey Square actually know who Ghandi was and what he stood for before his assassi- nation in 1948? I Read "The Nation" Recently, a conservative friend of mine was surprised when I told him the above revelation. Why, he asked me, why do ] read such a liberal rag? I told him it is good to know what the other side is saying even when they're consistently wrong. Of course, I wouldn't waste my money purchasing this magazine. I get recycled copies from a liberal friend trying to convert me over to his side. No such luck. pal. LEGAL NOTICE Commonwealth of Massachusetts The Trial Court Middlesex Probate and Family Court 208 Cambridge Street Cambridge, MA 02141 Docket No. MI11C0653CA NOTICE OF PETITION FOR CHANGE OF NAME In the Matter of CARLEE JADE BEAUCAGE A Minor By Mother, Jennifer Lynne Reinap Of FRAMINGHAM, MA To all persons interested in petition described: A petition has been presented by Carlee J Beaucage requesting that: Carlee Jade Beaucage A Minor By Mother, Jennifer Lynne Reinap be allowed to change his/ her/their name as fellows: Carlee Jade Reinap. IF YOU DESIRE TO OBJECT THERETO, YOU OR YOUR ATTORNEY MUST FILE A WRITTEN APPEARANCE IN SAID COURT AT CAMBRIDGE ON OR BEFORE TEN O'CLOCK IN THE MORNING (10:00 AM) ON DECEMBER 21, 2011. WITNESS, HON. PETER C DiGANGI, First Justice of this Court. .Date: November 21 2011 Tara E. DeCristofaro, Register of Probate ................................... by Sal Giarratani Bud Selig Calls November 17 "A Historic Day" for Baseball There's an old maxim that goes, "If it ain't broke, don't fix it." However, Major League Baseball broke something that didn't need fixing and called it a historic day for the game. The Houston Astros were sold to new owners for $360 million or as I like to say for two overpaid aging sluggers. After the sale was announced that in 2013, the Astros would switch to the American League in 2013 and create a new baseball rivalry with the Rangers. Also, the Florida Marlins are now becoming the Miami Marlins with a brand new outrageous looking glitzy uniform. Finally, beginning in 2013. each league will have two wild cards who will meet each other in a 163rd game to pick the real playoff wild card. Just what we need is more post-season games. All in all, it means I0 out of 30 major league teams are guaranteed a post-season berth. Here's a final thought. If the Astros have to move to create two 15-team leagues, why not just move the Mil- waukee Brewers back to the American League where the team began? Tickets Will Not Be Going Up at Fenway Did the Boston Red Sox really have a choice here? After the Great September Collapse of 2011, no way could ownership raise ticket prices. It would only have added insult to injury. Kershaw Wins NL Cy Young While three Phillies start- ers finished in the top five of the voting, the winner of the NL Cy Young Award is Clayton Kershaw of the LA Dodgers who finished the season with 21 wins with a 2.28 ERA and 248 strikeouts while pitching for an 82-win Dodgers team. Valentine Back on Sox Radar With Dale Sveum signed by the Chicago Cubs, Bobby Valentine, 61, is back on the Red Sox radar for man- ager again. The former Mets-manager is my choice for manager and has been since Francona departed Boston. Currently working for ESPN, Valentine man- aged the NY Mets for seven years and made it to the World Series in 2000 be- fore getting fired after the 2002 season. He also man- aged the Texas Rangers from 1985 to 1992. I hope he gets picked because we need someone with his atti- tude after Francona's laid back style took the Red Sox crashing down this past season. Main Street Jobs (Continued from Page 4) ing marketing junk food to children to teaching them, from mining coal to install- ing and maintaining solar panels, and from building an ever-increasing number of automobiles to expanding public transportation. More broadly, we need to shift from mining to recycling, from growing urban sprawl tO retro-fitting cities for sus'- tainable living, and from fi- nancial speculation to the local financing of productive enterprises. The structure of the one- percent economy concen- trates power in Wall Street institutions that primarily serve the richest l.percent i of humanity. An economy that works for all must distribiite power equitably and democratically among people who share a vision of a world that works for all. The time has come to shift from a Wall Street-driven economy to a Main Street- driven one built upon suc- cessful, independent, locally owned, human-scale enter- prises. John Cavanagh, director of LEGAL NOTICE Commonwealth of Massachusetts The Trial Court Middlesex Probate and Family Court 208 Cambridge Street Cambridge, MA 02141 Docket No. MI11D4543DR DIVORCE SUMMONS BY PUBLICATION AND MAILING LORA SCHARINSKAYA VS. ALEXANDER OSTRER To the Defendant: The Plaintiff has filed a Complaint for Divorce requesting that the Court grant a divorce for Desertion. The Complaint is orl file at the Court. An Automatic Restraining Order has been entered in'this matter preventing you from taking any action which would negatively impact the current financial status of either party. SEE Supplemental Probate Court Rule 411. You are hereby summoned and required to serve upon: Veronica Turovsky Genin Esq., Agranovich &-Genin Legal, LLC, 15 Cypress Street, Suite 205, Newton Centre, MA 02459 your answer, if any, on or before December 27, 2011. If you fail to do so, the court will proceed to the hearing and adjudication of this action. You are also required to file a copy of your answer, if any, -in the office of the Register of this Court. WITNESS, Hon. PETER C. DiGANGL, First Justice of this Court. Date: November 15, 2011 Tara E. DeCristofaro, Register of Probate Run date: 12/2/1 t the Institute for Policy Stud- ies, and David Korten, board chair of YESI Magazine, are the principal authors of Jobs: A Main Street Fix for Wall Street's Failures. a New Economy Working Group report. Distributed via OtherWords ( ,, i f f _ i , LEGAL :' NOTICE MASSACHUSETTS PORT AUTHORITY NOTICE TO CONTRACTORS Sealed General Bids for MPA Contract No. AP1210-C1, FY2012-2014 FIRE PROTECTION SYSTEM TESTING. MAINTENANCE AND REPAIRS, ALL MASSPORT FACILITIES, BOSTON, BEDFORD AND WORCESTER, MASSACHUSETTS, will be received by the Massachusetts Port Authority at the Capital Programs Department Office, Suite 209S. Logan Office Center One Harborsid( Drive, East Boston, Massachusetts 02128-2909, until 11:00 A.M. local time on WEDNESDAY JANUARY 11, 2012; immediately after which, in a designated room the bids will be opened and read publicly. NOTE:PRE-E]ID CONFERENCE WILL BE HELD ATTHE CAPITAL PROGRAMS DEPARTMENT (ABOVE ADDRESS) AT 10:00 A.M. LOCAL TIME ON TUESD/W, DECEMBER 20, 2011. The work includes THE PROVISION OF LABOR, TOOLS, EQUIPMENT, SERVICES AND MATERIALS TO INSPECT, TEST, MAINTAIN, AND REPAIR FIRE PROTECTION SYSTEMS AND FIRE PUMPS OF VARIOUS EQUIPMENT MANUFACTURERS FOR ALL MASSACHUSETTS PORT AUTHORITY FACILITIES IN BOSTON, BEDFORD AND WORCESTER, MASSACHUSETTS. Bid documents will be made available Deginn~ngTUESDAY, DECEMBER6, 2011. In order to be eligible and-responsible to bid on this contract General Bidders must submit with their bid a current Certificate of Eligibility issued by the Division of Capital Asset Management and an Update Statement. The General Bidder must be certified in the category of FIRE PROTECTION SPRINKLER SYSTEMS. The estimated contract cost is TWO MILLION SEVEN HUNDRED FIFTY THOUSAND DOLLARS ($2,750,000.00.) Bid Documents in electronic format may be obtained free of charge at the Authority's Capital Programs Department Office, together with any addenda or amendments, which the Authority may Jssoe and a printed copy of the Proposal form. Bidding procedures and award of the contract and sub-contracts shall be m accordance with the prowsions of Sections 44A through 44J inclusive, Chapter 149 of the General Laws of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. A proposal guaranty shall be submitted with each General Bid consisting of a bid deposit for five (5) percent ef~ipwalue of the bid; when sub-bids are required, each must be accompanied by a deposit equal to i~bF(5) percent of the sub-bid amount, in the form of a bid bond. or cash, or a certified check, or a treasurer's or a cashier's check issued by a responsible bank or trust company, payable to the Massachusetts Port Authority in the name of which the Contract for the work is to be executed. The bid'deposit shall be (a) in a form satisfactory to the Authority, (b) with a surety company qualified to do business in the Commonwealth and satisfactory to the Authority, and (c) conditioned upon the faithful performance by the principal of the agreements contained in the bid. The successful Bidder wili be required to furnish a performance bond and a labor and materials payment bond. each in an amount squal to 100% of the Contract price. Thesurety shall be a surety company or securities satisfactory to the Authority. Attention is called to the minimum rate of wages to be paid on the work as determined under the provisions of Chapter 149, Massachusetts General Laws, Section 26 to 27G, inclusive, as amended. Tbe Contractor will be required to pay minimum wages m accordance witl- the schedules listed in Division II, Special Provisions of the Specifications, which wage rates have been predetermined by the U. S. Secretary of Labor and/or the Commissioner of Labor and Industries of Massachusetts. whichever is greater. The successful Bidder will be required to purchase and maintair Bodily Injury Liability Insurance and Property Damage Liability Insurance for a combined single limit of TEN MILLION DOLLARS ($10,000,000.00). Said oclicy shall be on an occurrence basis and the Authority shall be included as an Additional Insured See the insurance sections of Division l, General Requirements and Division II, Special Provisions for complete details. No filed sub-bids wig be required for this contract. This Contract is also Subject to Affirmative Action requirements of the Massachusetts Port Authority contained in the Non-Discrimination and Affirmative Action article of Division I. General Requirements and Covenants, and to the Secretary of Labor's Requirement for Affirrdative Action to Ensure Equal Opportunity and the Standard Federal Equal Opportunity Construction Contract Specifications (Executive Order 11246). The General Contractor is required to submit a Certification of Non-Segregated Facilities prior to award of the Contract, and to notify prospective subcontractors of the requirement for such certification where the subcontract exceeds $t0,000. Complete information and authorization to view the site may be obtained from the Capital Programs Department Office at the Massachusetts Port Authority. The right is reserved to waive any informality in or reject any or all proposals. MASSACHUSE'R'S PORT AUTHORITY DAVID S. MACKEY INTERIM CHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICER AND EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR Run date: 12/02/11 Y