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December 18, 2015     Post-Gazette
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December 18, 2015

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Y PAGE 2 POST-GAZETTE, DECEMBER 18, 2015 by Prof. Edmund Turiello A weekly column highlighting some of the more interesting aspects of our ancestry.., our lineage.., our roots. THE BASILICAN CONNECTION The development of the ancient Roman Basilica was described in the last issue. The connection between this structure and the Basilica- style Christian Church goes back to the year 312 A.D. This is when Constantine marched at the head of a powerful army towards Rome and defeated Maxentius in three battles. During this time, Constantine made open and public decla- rations in favor of Christian- ity; consequently, consider- able numbers of Christians flocked to his standard, swelled the ranks of his army, and gained his full confidence by their orderly and faithful conduct. A contemporary writer named Caecilius tells us that dur- ing the night preceding the third battle, Constantine was advised in a dream to inscribe the shields of his soldiers with the "celestial sign of God," the sacred monogram of the name of Christ. He followed this command and his obe- dience was rewarded by a decisive victory at the Milvian Bridge. According to a different source, however, Constantine is reported to have seen this sacred monogram high in the noonday sky with the words clearly inscribed in Greek: "By this sign you will conquer." This appearance clearly astonished Constantine and his entire army. The Savior then appeared displaying the same celestial sign of the cross, directing Constantine to use this symbol on this standard and to advance with the assurance of victory. This celestial sign is, of course, the two initial letters X and P from "Xpiozos," the Greek name for Christ, and it is what we now call "The Labarum." The decisive victory at the Milvian Bridge secured Constantine's supremacy as emperor of the Roman nation. He was eventually moved to stop all persecutions and to adopt Christianity as the reli- gion of the empire. The Chris- tians were then permitted to occupy some of the pagan tem- ples, baths, and basilicas for the practice of their religion. In time they settled on the basilicas as the structure having the inte- rior design which most closely suited their needs. Although it was unknown to the builders of ancient Rome, their basilica was destined to become a very important style of structure, and a direct link between pagan Rome and Christian Rome. WEEK: Cathedral by Bennett Molinari and Richard Molinari Saint Fabiola was a noble woman born into the patri- cian Roman family of the Fabia who lived in the third century. Inspired by Saint Jerome, she adopted a life of asceticism devoted to charitable works and Christian practices. Fabiola, renouncing the world, devoted her immense wealth to the needs of the poor and the sick. She erected a hos- pital in Rome, and waited on the sick herself, not even shunning the very worst cases. Fabiola gave large sums to the churches and religious communities of Rome and Italy. In 395, she went to Beth- lehem, where she lived in a convent. Under the direction of St. Jerome, she devoted herself to the study and contemplation of the Scriptures, and to ascetic exercises. It was during her stay in Bethlehem that hostile tribes began attacking the eastern provinces of the empire, and the quarrel which broke out between Jerome and Bishop John of Jerusalem respecting the teachings of the theolo- gian Origen made remaining in Bethlehem difficult for her, and she returned to Rome. She remained, however, in corre- spondence with St. Jerome. After returning to Rome, Fabi- ola united with the former sena- tor Pammachius, and together they erected at Porto a large hospice for pilgrims coming to Rome. Fabiola also continued her usual personal labors in aid of the poor and sick until her death on December 27,399. Her funeral was a wonderful manifestation of the gratitude and veneration with which she was regarded by the Roman people. Saint Fabiola's feast is celebrated on December 27~h. EAST BOSTON'S WWW.BOSTONPOSTGAZETTE.COM News Briefs (Continued from Page 1) He is right that this evil must be challenged and defeated. However, there was no how to do it strategy. We know the en- emy. We know that this issue is both here and over there. How do we do this? No answers from our president, who leaves the American people questioning his leadership capabilities and frustrated with the cluelessness he presents outwardly. Where is everyone else? Trump is speak- ing in a vacuum because no one else seems to know what to do besides pretty sound bites and commercials. Climate Change Our Greatest Threat? President Obama recently called the global climate cri- sis the greatest threat facing the world today at the Global Climate Summit in Paris. Ac- cording to him and his follow- ers around the world, it is even a greater threat than radical Islamic terrorism, which once again struck America in San Bernardo, California, on De- cember 2nd. Still, the president stays focuses on global cooling or global warming whichever one is in vogue at the time he is talking. Did you know that in the last 35 years, there has been only aslight global warm- ing and that since 1999, no measurable rise either? I guess it is easier to battle a global climate crisis than it is to con- front jihadists on our streets. Is climate change happening? Of course it is, but it has been rising and falling since time began. It is really settled science as much as it is a scientific search for facts. Perhaps, mankind is hurting the Earth. However, when the dinosaurs disap- peared following the Ice Age did our cavemen ancestors cause global" cooling which led to the ice that took out dino- saurs? It would be better for those who believe in man-made global climate change if they weren't always telling foes that they were all stupid people. Sounds more like a power grab. Obama is trying to get a binding worldwide accord, but he won't be taking it before the U.S. Sen- ate for a Treaty vote because it may pass in Paris but not on Capitol Hill. By The Way... Where did the "Muslim Bon- nie and Clyde killers" get the $28,500 that was deposited into their bank account days before their attack in San Bernadino? Gun Control, Gun Control, Gun Control One would think that liber- als in both government and the media lived on another planet. What happened out in San Bernadino was not workplace violence as liberals had been hoping, but rather clearly a radical Islamist terror attack. The two dead suspects had two AR-15 dries and two ICHAEL C E METE RY C RE MATO RY 500 Canterbury Street The Respectful Wa7. Boston, MA 02131 617.524.1036 Serving the Italian Community for Over 100 Years! high-powered handguns. Their residence looked like a bomb factory. There were 12 pipe bombs found by law enforce- ment along with over 8,000 rounds of ammo. The police even found an explosive inside the center where 14 peoplewere gunned down and another 21 were injured. That device did not go off. This latest news does not point to the need for more gun control, but you just can't get Democrats off message from Obama, to Hillary to Bernie Sanders. For them, it is always about too many guns out there and the need to go after them. Democrats and their media lackeys hate saying the words, radical Islamic terrorism. The other night, Rachel Maddow from MSNBC got real close, but ended up saying "radical extremists." Better than most but what is a radical extrem- ist and don't these words both mean the exact same thing? Maddow, by using that term, stated nothing about anything. Just another example of politi- cal correctness gone amok. Republicans Afraid of Women and Children? That is what President Obama said about anyone who opposes taking in high numbers of Syr- ian refugees. Thinking about San Bemadino, wasn't one of the two terrorists a woman? Re- member the one who was shoot- ing out the back window at the cops who were in hot pursuit? Oh, by the way, did you know that this female killer came into this nation legally back in 2014 after passing a tough vetting process by Homeland Security? This only builds resolve among a majority of Americans who question just how safe America would be with the vetting like that to any incoming immi- grants fleeing Syria. Now is the time to reconsider such a mas- sive refugee intake in America. Elite Restaurant is Alight for the Season/ It is looking a lot like Christmas at Joe Young's Elite Restaurant in East Boston's Day Square. Everyone in town loves the way Joe gets the place decorated for Christmas including these four guys. L-R: The electrifying Dora Petrosino, Mikey "Cagg," Dougie Curtis, and Moe Hurley. Online orders Signed copies of 784 Broadway by local author and former FBI agent James Ring are now available at Green Cross (Croce Verde) Pharmacy, 393 Hanover St., here in the North End, for $9.95. 784 Broadway is Ring's remembrance of summers spent with his immigrant Italian relatives who operated a greengrocer store in Kingston, New York. Using short stories and vignettes, Ring entertains with warmth and humor as he reveals the indelible influence these family members had on him. This is o perfect gift/