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December 24, 2010     Post-Gazette
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December 24, 2010

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Page 14 POST-GAZETTE, DECEMBER 24, 2010 HAPPY HOLIDAYS and our best vishes in 2011 ,, .[ram David and Paul Gemelli 0! and the Gent Gravure family ,4P N EWS B RIEFS (FROM ITALIAN NEWSPERS AND OTI-IER,:,pLICA TIONS) Compiled by azio Z. Buttafuoco CHILDREN GROW BETTER, IF THEY LISTEN TO ... MOZART'S MUSIC? In order to speed up the growth pro- cess, especially of premature babies, they must listen to Mozart's musicl The results of a study were published in the specialized magazine Pediatrics. The researchers point out that the increase in weight is the result of the relaxing effect of music, particularly of Mozart's because it is capable of slow- ing down the metabolism, causing a diminished loss of en- ergy. During the study, doctors had the newborns listen to Mozart for 30 minutes, measuring at some time, the calo- ries lost. Subsequently they compared the acquired data with the amount of calories lost by the preemies under normal conditions, i.e. without music, or when listening to other composers' music. The "Mozart Effect" was obvious in view of the energies burned. The leader of the research team, Romit Lubetzky, stated to the press: "Let's assume that Mozart's replayed melodies have an effect on the cor- tex, for we have verified that the same effect hasn't oc- curred when playing Beethoven's, Bach's or Bartok's mu- sic. In order to have an accurate and scientific explana- tion of the phenomenon we need further studies, but we find convincing the discovery of the newborns' treatment. The weight increase is essential to reduce the time spent in the incubator and in the hospital, and Mozart's music is only one of the elements which we can use to create a more appropriate environment around the children." The serenity and the pleasant harmony of the excellent classi- cal music of the Austrian genius show more expanded ef- fects than simple enjoyment. Science is rich with the ben- eficial effects music has for stress reduction, and of the slowing down of the heart beat. Therefore, the "Mozart Pill" may be the most effective medicine also for adults who have suffered strokes, and for also for the cows when they listen to Mozart's music while in their stables, where they are able to produce more milk. A SUPER VACCINE AGAINST ALL VIRUSES? Soon it will be in the market: it is coming! In less than three years we can buy the antidote not only to fight influenza but also any virus. The National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) has been prepared by American research- ers and experimented on apes -- which are very much like us -- previously infected with several kinds of virus. The results have been sensational, in view of the fact that several types of viruses undergo mutation often. This universal vaccine works thanks to two injections. The first inoculates in the body tiny fragments of DNA -- the same that the influenza virus uses to assemble a protein o.n the outside surface called "emoagglutinina," which lucks up to the victims' cells, and infects them. The injected DNA makes the organism produce the emoagglutinina of the influenza virus, thus alerting the immune system. Then another injection, with a vaccine against the seasonal influenza, stimulates the body to react against the infec- tion in a new powerful manner. The immunization has protected mice, monkeys, and fer- rets against three viruses (of the influenza), all different from each other. Now the pharmaceutical companies have begun preparing for future influenza viruses that may at- tack some region of the globe. To be prepared for another calamity, there is an effort to detect any old, or new, virus that may materialize somewhere. As indicated above, the influenza viruses tend to mutate every year, and reappear in new forms in unexpected zones of the world. When a universal vaccine will be ready for humankind it will certainly be the ingredient that will provide piece of mind to all. POST-GAZETTE EAST BOSTON SATELLITE OFFICE ,s NOW OPEN MARIE MATARESE 35 Bennington Street, East Boston 617.227.8929 MON. and TUES. 10:00 A.M. - 3.00 P.M. THURS. 11:00 A.M.- 2:00 P.M. General Advertisements * Sales and Rentals Memorials * Legals ADVERTISING WILL MAKE A DIFFERENCE The time has come, the walrus said, TO TALK OF MANY THINGS of shoes and ships and sealing wax of cabbages and kings by Sal Giarratani MT. CARMEL GATHERING Our Lady of Mount Carmel Parish was "reconfigurated" by the Boston Archdiocese in 2004 and the church it- self was shuttered on Octo- ber 12, 2004. Since that date, the church has been in vigil as its parishioners refuse to give up on their church. On Saturday, De- cember 12, more than 80 folks gathered to commemo- rate this struggle, to cel- ebrate Christmas together. There were no fishes and loaves but plenty of pasta. The hall was decorated quite well and a big thank you goes out to all who showed up ear- lier that week to put up all the decorations and lights. Buon Natale to all! TURKEY GANGBANGERS IN BROOKLINE? One day last week while drinking a cup of coffee at the Elite Restaurant in Eastie, I watched the news for a few minutes. A guy from Brookline was being inter- viewed about some recent fowl play. One evening while taking a walk with his nine- month old baby in a stroller, from out of the bushes, a gang of wild turkeys jumped him. He reportedly was in fear for his life and that of his baby as the turkey gang began following him. At one point they launched an attack peeking him within an inch of his life and the "carriage too. He reportedly ran pushing the stroller away from the turkeys pursuing him. When inter- viewed he said he thought Brookline was civilized. Neighbors in the area seemed well aware of this feathered gang. One offered advice. When approached by the turkey gang members, just flap your arms like wings and they'll run away from you. He ain't laughing but everyone else seemed to be. Another story in the Na- ked City. By the way, I haven't heard of any turkey attacks yet in East Boston, but what about those poop- ing Canadian geese? 4 th JlkNNUAL BOSTON TEA PARTY AT FANEUIL HALL You know the Tea Party movement is gaining trac- tion and going mainstream when the Boston Globe starts covering their events. On Sunday, December 12, over 200 people gathered at the Great Hall to celebrate the original Boston Tea Party protest back on December 16, 1773 when protesters dressed up like Indians dumped wooden crates of East India Company Tea into Boston Harbor. According to the Sunday protest organizer Bob Dwyer, a founding member of the Massachusetts Liberty Pres- ervation Association, the Faneuil Hall site provided the appropriate backdrop for the protest rally saying, "The Tea Party movement is ba- sically mainstream Amer- ica. We've had enough." Editorial (Continued from The more I keep read- ing this Boston Globe series, the more I see how path- ological SSI benefits are to both the individual children and parents. Getting SSI benefits shouldn't just be about getting extra cash or Mass Health coverage or food stamps. Parents who would label their children as "disabled just to get an SSI check creates a gen- erational dependence on Page 3) government taking care of them. It does not instill anything but the contin- ued victimization of folks. Government may have had the right intentions in creating SSI but the action result is to destroy fami- lies and the ability to stand on your own feet. These kids will grow up thinking SSI is a right and working becomes a bad word. If government really wanted to help people who are struggling, the hand- ing out of free money is not the answer and can never work for the improve- ment of those families. All we keep doing is putting more and more people into the wagon rather than pull- ing it. These people aren't being saved. They are being destroyed in the name of helping them. Saint Leonard Parish (Continued from Page 6) Dalle Stele" and the rousing "Joy to the World". Closing remarks were made by Father Antonio Nardoianni, Pastor of Saint Leonard Parish, who thanked the choir for a won- derful performance and ex- tended a special thank you to Maestro Dryzmalski for his inspired conducting and the Activities Committee for their work in decorating the church and organizing the Christmas Party. Father Antonio then invited the entire audience and choir to the annual parish Christ-. mas party held at Saint John .hall, just across the street where sandwiches, cookies and pizzas, generously do- nated by Bova Bakery, were enjoyed by all. We look forward to next year's concert and to the upcoming performance of Resurrection a Cantata / Music Drama by Bryan Jeffery Leech performed by the Saint Patrick's Family Players of Watertown to take place at Sacred Heart Church on April 3 rd 2011. It is said that the health of a nation can be determined by the state of its arts, it fol- lows that one could say that the health of a city or even a neighborhood can be so determined. The North End of Boston is a storied com- munity that immediately conjures up many emotions, it is historic, busy, fun, eth- nic and most of all it is a neighborhood, a tapestry of f ceason  z'ee/l'ns DIAMONDS ROLEX ESTATE JEWELRY Bought & Sold Jewelers Exch. Bldg. Jim (617) 263-7766 J friends and families woven together through time by the history and events that take place within it. Judging by the many cultural events that take place within the North End each year, not the least of which is the Saint Leonard Parish Christmas concert, one could say that the health of the North End is exceedingly fine. GEM GRAVURE COMPANY, INC. 112 School Street, P.O. Box 1158, West Hanover, MA 02339 Tel: 781-878-0456, Emaih Dr. Dean J. Saluti President Renaissance Lodge, OSIA Marjorie Cahn 52 Bay State Road, Boston, MA 02215 617-367-3161